How is your pension arranged?

How do you accrue pension?


You accrue pension in three ways:

  • A. AOW: this is state old-age pension that you receive from the government if you have resided or worked in the Netherlands. You can read more about AOW at
  • B. Pension at Stichting Bedrijfspensioenfonds voor de Rijn- en Binnenvaart. You accrue this pension via your employer. This is what this Pension 1-2-3 is about.
  • C. Pension that you arrange yourself. Examples include an annuity or a tax-efficient blocked bank savings account.


You accrue a part of your pension every year. The pension that you accrue this way is the sum of all those parts. 


You accrue a portion of your final pension every year. This is not calculated on your full gross salary. In 2020, you will not accrue any pension over € 19,090. This 'threshold amount', known as the deductible, is roughly equal to the state old-age pension payment (AOW) that you will receive from the government once you reach AOW retirement age. In 2020, you will accrue 0.97% pension on your gross salary minus the deductible.


You pay a contribution towards your pension every month. Your employer does the same. At Stichting Bedrijfspensioen ­ fonds voor de Rijn- en Binnenvaart you pay one third of the pension base and your employer pays two thirds. Check with your employer whether and/or how much they pay. Your contribution is shown in your payslip.