When should you take action?

If you marry or enter into a registered partnership


Getting married or entering into a registered partnership are considered to be equal in relation to your pension scheme. You will need to check carefully whether your partner is entitled to a partner's pension in the event of your death. If you believe that the partner's pension is inadequate, ensure that you make additional arrangements.

Please note: if you live together but are not married, then your partner is not automatically entitled to a partner's pension upon your death. In order to ensure your partner's eligibility for this, you must satisfy certain conditions. For instance, you will need a cohabitation agreement drawn up by and signed in the presence of a civil-law notary. A copy of that contract will need to be sent to Stichting Bedrijfspensioenfonds voor de Rijn- en Binnenvaart. More information about this can be found at this website.  


More information

The regulations set out precisely what you will receive in our pension scheme. The regulations can be downloaded here (in Dutch).