When should you take action?

If you divorce or end a registered partnership or cohabitation


Your ex-partner is entitled to half the retirement pension you accrued during the marriage or the period of the registered partnership. You can make alternative arrangements with your ex-partner. You will need to record these agreements in a divorce agreement. In order to ensure that your ex-partner received part of the retirement pension, which will be paid out directly to him/her, you or your ex-partner must inform us of the divorce within two years and of any alternative agreements. If you do not inform us of this within the defined period, you must take care of the payments to your ex-partner yourself.

Please note: the right to a portion of the retirement pension namely does not apply to unmarried couples living together. Unmarried people who are living together must make their own arrangements for the distribution of the retirement pension.

Your ex-partner is also entitled to the partner’s pension that you accrued until the date of divorce or termination of the registered partnership. You do not have to take any action in respect of this right to partner’s pension, unless your ex-partner waives this right, in which case you must inform the pension fund.

Please note: unmarried people who live together may also be entitled to partner's pension. More information can be found at this website.


More information

The regulations set out precisely what you will receive in our pension scheme. The regulations can be downloaded here (in Dutch).